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Tailor a Pet Door to Suit

There are many different types and sizes of pet doors to choose from and most can be installed in almost all types of glass door or window. If you have a larger sized pet GlassNow supplies electronic versions for extra security. Contact our friendly sales team so they can help you determine the perfect shape, size and location of the pet door to suit the style of your home.

If you require a quote to have a pet door installed, please supply a rough size of the glass window or door panel where you would like the pet door installed into.

Gold Coast and Brisbane Pet Door Supply and Install

What is a Good Solution to Let Pets Out While You Are Away?

If you have a cat or dog, then you know how hard it is to make sure your animal gets let outside enough during the day. Maybe you work long shifts at work or have other reasons that you leave your pet unattended for periods of time. When you are gone, your animal can’t get outside if they need to. A petway provides the perfect solution for allowing your pet to come and go as they need. It is also convenient for your pet to be able to let themselves in and out while you are home. You won’t have to wait by the door for them to get done.

Can You Have a Cat or Dog Door Installed in Glass?

Many people think they cannot have a pet door since they have a glass door or window that leads outside. Believe it or not, you can have a petway or a pet door installed into a glass window or door. The glass is first measured by one of our glaziers, the new toughened glass is then installed around 5-7 working days later with a pet door installed into the glass. The pet door has the ability to swing inside the house and outside to the yard.

Am I Able to Install a Pet Door Myself?

In some cases, you can put a dog or cat door in yourself. However, it is very important that the hole is cut correctly before installation. Those with glass doors should not install their own petway. Cutting glass is not a simple task. Without professional tools, an individual can break or weaken the glass. Unless you are a glazier you should never attempt to cut glass yourself it is very dangerous as you are likely to cut yourself.

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GlassNow™ provides Top Quality Glazing Services to Australian businesses and households.

Who Installs Pet Doors into Glass on the Gold Coast?

Not everyone has a wooden or metal door in which to install a petway. For those with a glass door or window to the outside, Glass Now can provide installation of a petways pet door or a pet door of your choosing on the Gold Coast, Northern NSW, Brisbane region and Sunshine Coast.

We have the ability to replace the glass with a hole in it and we recommend to use safety toughened glass.

It is our passion to give our customers on the Gold Coast and Tweed the glass services they need. You can rest assured that we will do a quality job and you will be left with a functioning petway door for your pet. Our glaziers will provide you with a great service at a competitive price.

GlassNow Pet Doors Come in Standard Sizes

Pet owners can choose from the following pet doors:

Transcat Cat Door

Standard is 180mm x 170mm, with a diameter of 287mm

4-way locking mechanisms for added control of your pet

Magnetic door to prevent unnecessary fluttering

Transcat Dog Door

Standard is 285mm x 250mm, with a diameter of 400m
Fitted onsite
Magnetic flap

Electronic pet doors

While GlassNow™ does not supply electronic pet doors we are qualified to install them:
Designed for large or small pets
Provides extra security
Can set the flap to close and lock automatically
Can set one-entry from outside only
Personalised for homeowners with specific requirements

Customised Pet Door

The experienced glaziers at GlassNow™ replace the glass panes using toughened safety glass to withstand any knocks
Dog and cat doors are inserted into the new strengthened glass pane with a hole already pre-cut for the pet entrance door

Having a GlassNow pet door installed in your home offers freedom for both you and your pet. Contact GlassNow to discuss your pet entrance/exit door requirements so we can tailor the best access for your animals.

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